What Makes Cushion Cut Diamond Appealing

What is the first thing that attracts you when you look at a diamond? If you are familiar with diamonds, you will most probably try to evaluate the diamond cut. Our experts at Beverly Diamonds believe the cut of a diamond is what determines its real beauty and value. Based on the cut, diamonds classified into several groups. The cushion cut diamond is a combination of square cut with rounded corners, which make it look like a pillow. Cushion cut diamond is popular because they are very comfortable to wear. Hence, cushion cut diamonds are certainly an excellent choice among other diamond cuts.

Cushion Diamond Ring

Beverly Diamonds cushion diamond ring with side stones

What makes cushion cut diamond unique?

Based on our experience, the cushion cut diamonds are unique and therefore have much demanded by all types of customers. They have an inherent beauty and a sense of heritage. It is called with different names by both buyers and gemologists. In the opinion of many people, cushion cut diamonds often called heirloom because of their inherent beauty.

A good number of individuals are attracted to this diamond cut. A recent analysis that examined the market trend of diamonds for a few centuries confirmed Cushion cut diamonds have been popular for centuries. Cushion cut diamond rings never lost their charm or appeal to the diamond lovers. One of the reasons why cushion cut diamonds are so popular is its projection in Hollywood movies. Watch a few Hollywood movies, and you are certain to see a movie star wearing a cushion cut diamond on her earring or a wedding ring. Celebrities prefer them over other types of diamonds for their antique nature.

How cushion cut diamonds transformed over time

Despite its popularity and undying appeal to the masses, Cushion cut diamonds have undergone many changes over time. If you have ever attempted to compare the ancient cushion cut diamonds with what you get in diamond shops today, you will notice the transformation right away. The most noticeable change found in the today’s cushion cut diamonds is their facet pattern. While the facet pattern of the antique cushion cut, diamonds look somewhat raw, the modern ones look more refined. In fact, many people agree the modern cushion cut diamonds look more appealing than the antique cushion cut diamonds because the top is bigger than the old cut. Furthermore, modern cushion cut diamonds are more romantic. No wonder why they are quite popular among the buyers of Beverly Diamonds.

Old vs new cushion cut diamond

Old cushion cut diamond have smaller top

The summary

Cushion cut diamonds fit well on wedding rings, engagement rings and pendants. Make sure that you go to a few diamond sellers before buying your diamond jewelry. Online diamonds sellers like Beverly Diamonds boast a vast collection of cushion cut diamonds. The quality of our cushion cut diamond rings are reflected through many good diamond ring reviews on reputable sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire.

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