How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Rings?

So, he just surprised you with his proposal and that gorgeous engagement ring. Although, you might find it difficult to stop staring at your shiny diamond ring it is easy to forget its maintenance. So how often should you clean your diamond ring? After all, this might be the only piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing forever, so giving it the right care will ensure it last for a very long time. That why it is very important to know how often should you clean your diamond rings

Diamond rings come in different shapes and cut, and setting from the round diamond ring to the princess diamond ring, perfect for both a traditional and non-traditional bride, each ring is different and they all carry distinct sentimental value for the owner. If you are reading this article, you have probably gotten a diamond or you are in the process of buying a diamond ring.

How often should you Take Care of Your Ring?

before and after cleaning your ring

Before and after cleaning your ring

How often a woman wears her diamond rings or jewelry is the main factor that determines how often she cleans them. A diamond ring can withstand more wear and tear than other rings such as the cameo and opal ring.Diamonds are aggressively cleaned more often because they are more resilient. If your diamond ring is worn regularly in places where it will likely get dirty, then you should scrub your ring gently and quickly once every two weeks. You should take your diamond ring to a professional jeweler for a more thorough cleaning once in 6 months.

How to Care for Your Diamond Ring

You should avoid using liquids to clean your jewelry that is more fragile that you don’t wear regularly. At times, all that your ring need is a quick and gentle wipe with a soft damp toothbrush, and a polishing cloth.

It is advisable not to leave your diamond rings on your dressing carelessly as you return from a party or any event. Its brittle nature cannot be hidden by its perfect hardness. If you drop your hard on your dressing table, the diamonds on your ring could crack irreparably. Also, it is advisable to avoid wearing a diamond ring during a strenuous or rough work.

Taking your diamond ring to a trusted jewelry store is always wise. This enables endurance of the diamond because a loosening of the prong setting that is undesirable or any repair work that is vital will be noted and corrected. When you use any cream sprays or household chemicals, you will be encouraging the buildup of a superficial film of grime on the surface of your diamond. However, you can remove the gleam back by dabbing the top with a soft, wet tissue.

how to clean diamond ring infographic


You can also carry out a home method of cleaning. Soak your diamond ring in lukewarm water mixed with a mild soap. Then use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the prong area. It is advisable not to apply metal dissolving liquids such as chlorine to the diamond or jewelry surface. Such harmful chemicals can loosen the metal prong or even erode them.

A diamond ring or jewelry is best cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. It is very much possible to clean your diamond ring by sending high-frequency sound waves, under the supervision of a professional jeweler. We hope you find value in this post of how often should you clean your diamond rings.

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