Top Five Diamond Ring Buying Mistakes

Choosing a diamond ring

Choosing a diamond ring can be tricky

Diamond rings have always symbolized for happiness, true love and commitment. Therefore, choosing the right diamond ring has always been a concern for many couples. Not surprisingly, people still make buying mistakes when choosing the right diamond ring. There are many different rings, jewelry stores, and a big amount of hard earn money at stake if you buy a diamond ring that is not worth purchasing. Of course, diamond ring shopping is not as easy as taking a walk in the park, but we believe it should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Therefore, Beverly Diamonds want you to know there are five standard diamond ring buying mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Not learning the 4 Cs factors that define the quality of the Diamond – the most common diamond ring buying mistakes

Most people start shopping for a diamond ring without much knowledge of what factors determine a good diamond. Today, even the smallest local jewelry store who sell diamond ring online should have an Education Center page to guide the customer’s step by step into finding the perfect diamond. Before purchasing any diamond, customers should consider these four factors: carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and cut grade to better avoid the diamond ring buying mistakes. GIA created this 4Cs factors, they are the first agreed-upon standard to evaluate diamonds today. It is important to remember that a diamond’s value is determined using all the 4Cs, not just any single factor:

4 factors of diamonds

There are 4Cs that determine Diamonds quality

  • Carat weight: this is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. A metric “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams. As a simple rule, the higher the carat weight, the higher the price. However, keep in mind that a well-cut diamond can be more expensive than a good or fair cut with the same carat weight.
  • Color grade: the term refers to the absence of color, the less color, the more desirable and valuable the stone is. Unless they are very rare colored diamonds, most pure white diamond is always preferable more than “yellowish” stone. The color difference may not visible to the naked eyes if you just look at the stone. The best way is to compare it with a high-quality diamond side by side. The color grade directly impacts the quality and the price of the diamond. Therefore, you need to consider this factor to avoid imperfect diamond.
  • Clarity grade: basically, the clarity of a diamond depends on how clear the diamond is. Of course, the fewer the imperfections, the rarer and more valuable the diamond. However, you need to know that the clarity grade of a diamond is very hard to distinguish under the naked eyes. Our Education Center has the perfect chart of all the terms that you need to know about diamond clarity. We also have the recommendation on why you should select a clarity grade of VS2 or better.
  • Cut grade: Cut is one of the most important factors. A brilliance cut is what makes the diamond stand out. Today, diamond grinding is done based on calculating the optical refractive index to maximize the beauty of the stone, promote all the glittering reflexes, make brilliant diamonds blazing. The most common mistake our customers made is a misunderstanding between and diamond cut and a diamond shape. The diamond shape is the ring overall shape and style. The most popular diamond shape is round ( a round brilliant) and princess (square). Check out our blog for a visual example of different diamond shapes.

Here is our tip: If the diamond achieves perfect grinding, you will see the effect of light appearing in the heart and arrows shape like the picture below:

Diamond sparkle

A Quality Diamond Sparkling

As you can see, each diamond is unique; and no diamond is the same as another diamond, that is why you need to at least know these factors before heading to any jewelry store or website. There are many small differences in the diamond that can make a huge difference in price. The best advice we can give you is to go to our Education Center to read an in-depth 4Cs factors guide and find yourself a reputable jeweler that can explain all these four factors.

It does not matter where I buy the diamond, all jewelry stores are the same.

Spending Money on Diamond Ring

You can Save Money by Choosing the Right Jeweler

Did you know purchasing an engagement ring is one of the most expensive things a millennial male will make? The Knot announced the national average spend for an engagement ring is $5871. Nevada, Montana and Washington states can even reach $10,000 for an engagement ring on average. We believe the second mistake that everyone needs to avoid is being careless on choosing a good jewelry store to purchase. If you spent several hours searching for a good restaurant to eat, or just an online store that has your favorite perfume at a reasonable price, then you should not just pick any jewelry store that is closest to your apartment.

Just like GIA stated, choose a jeweler as you would choose a doctor. They should be knowledgeable, open to questions and they must be able to answers your questions in simple language. Many companies advertised heavily online, but they might not be a real deal. The Internet today allows people to read five-star reviews about the product of any company, this is the first step that you should take when selecting a reputable online jewelry store. In addition, you should check if they are being active on social media. Being active on social media means they have a marketing department and they are listening to the customer’s concern and learning the latest trend currently in the market. At Beverly Diamonds, we are constantly responding to our customers and provide our follower’s useful tips and announcement every day on our social media.

Not knowing what she likes and her ring size when buying an engagement ring

If you are purchasing an engagement ring for your girlfriend, not knowing what her favorite ring style and her ring size is a big mistake. Buying an engagement ring is never a quick process.  So how do you know what ring style she wants without asking?

One thing we always suggest our potential buyer is to see what kind of ring she likes on social media. If she likes one of the photos of a “solitaire princess cut with side stones,” then it is very likely that she will burst out crying when she sees the same ring being proposed to her.

The other tips we always suggest is to ask her close friends or family. If you want ideas on how to have a unique proposal, you can check out this article. Some of the proposal ideas from this list need the help of friends and relatives, and they may already have an idea of what type of ring your girlfriend wants. Or even better, her friends know how to ask without being suspicious. Thus, you should ask her friends or family members for advice.

Friends talking

You Should Get the Ring Size from Her Close Friends

To know her ring size, the best way is to get one of her old rings and measure its diameter. Even if the ring is on a different finger, the experts can usually come up with a close approximation of the size of her ring finger. Here is a great video to show how you can measure your ring type with a simple piece of paper

Most e-commerce jewelry store would not let you check out the cart without providing the ring size. On the other hand, Beverly Diamonds offer the option to buy the ring even when you do not know the ring size yet. Just simply select “N/A” on the ring size menu and then complete your purchase. The option allows you to take advantage of the current sale price. And you can always call our customers service within 72 hours to update the ring size.

The right diamond ring for you must be expensive

Many people think the price is the most important factor to consider. Like buying any other type of product, you must have a budget. If you are shopping for an engagement ring, don’t spend all your budget on the ring and have a “low-budget” wedding ceremony and reception. Here is a great infographic about wedding budget spending that you may find interesting:

Budget Spending Infographic

At the end of the day, your wedding is the happiest day of your life. Remember the ring is not about showing off, but rather to make your girlfriend happy. Therefore, choosing the right ring could also mean customize your ring to make it unique and affordable. In addition, a large and affordable collection of engagement ring and wedding ring sets from your trusted jewelry store also help you to find the right ring.

Not to mention some unreliable jewelry store may charge you for a price that is much higher than the ring itself. That is why you need to pay attention when selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring for your other half. Choosing the best ring that fits your budget is not easy. That is why you need a company that has at least 30-day return policy, financing option, and free shipping. Also, consider clarity enhanced diamond, they are 100% real diamonds that was improved the visual gemological characteristics of the diamond. Most importantly, you can have a larger diamond ring for your budget. You can get a pretty good deal on a diamond with the size and clarity grade that you are looking for while spending only 60% to 70% of your ring budget. Before purchasing the ring, remember to ask yourself this question: “would she be happy knowing that you are in debt?” As a rule, you should spend two to three months of your salary.

Not consider purchasing at an E-commerce Jewelry Store

Do not listen to your local jewelry stores that say do not buy your diamond ring online. With today technology, Amazon even let you buy groceries at home now. We are in the time when online retailers are completely transforming the shopping experience. There are less and fewer people go to a physical jewelry store and shop for a diamond ring. What becoming more popular is to see the ring styles you like and then looking for the best online store with that same ring design. Just like purchasing expensive furniture, car, or that full frame camera, buying a diamond ring online is incredibly easy.

Online Shopping is easy

Diamond Ring Online Shopping is Easy and much more Affordable

One of the advantage when shopping your diamond ring online is you can take as much time looking for your favorite ring without being under pressure of the sale guy persuading you to buy a ring that is just over your budget. You can watch the ring in HD Photo and Video with high details whenever and wherever you want before making the purchasing decision. Not to mention you can make sure you get exactly what you want, from the carat weight, ring size, diamond shapes and styles before purchasing. Most importantly, buying your ring online is much more affordable, and you have more design choices. The online store does not have to pay for the store rent, sale employees or other overhead costs of running a physical store. Therefore, we can pass the saving to our customers.

Jewelry online store like Beverly Diamonds offers you 30-Day return policy, financing, and live customer service that assist you on every step of the purchasing process. We believe by avoiding these diamond ring buying mistakes; you can choose the best diamond ring that is right for you or your girlfriend. Remember that buying a diamond ring is not an easy process, that is why we are providing you our experience and expertise on this matter. Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-855-456-8334 if you need an assistant or have any questions. We provide quality diamonds at the most affordable price and widest collection.

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