What Does Micro Pave Mean in Diamond Ring Setting?

Ever had to buy a piece of diamond jewelry and have the seller ask you if you want to pave or micro pave? And you absolutely have no idea what the difference is between them? Well, I am sorry for the embarrassment but we are going to explain everything in this article.

What is Micro Pave?

Derived from the French word Pavé, pave refers to a set of diamonds such that no metal is visible when the stones are set very close together. Micro pave leaves no visible part of the metal to the eyes. It is a method of setting tiny pieces of diamonds on several rows over the entire surface of a jewelry piece, constructing a diamond coating with each stone held by tiny grains of metal with a precision that ordinary eyes can’t see but only by using high magnification.

Micro pave ring setting

Micro pave ring setting

Using a micro pave setting on diamond rings means these diamonds are encrusted not only on the band of the ring but also beneath the center gem or around it. These diamonds are also referred to as Melee, with each diamond piece weighing about 0.015ct and lighter, this is obviously where the term ‘micro’ comes in.

The difference between Micro Pave and Pave

As opposed to the ordinary Pavé setting where the stones vary in order and size to fill space, micro pave acquires a much more unique result by the symmetrical arrangements of well-cut uniform-sized diamond beads from row to row.  The technique can be used to cover a wide expanse of precious metal but is also popular for small meleé diamonds within wedding rings, and engagement rings.

Different Diamond Setting

Different Diamond Setting Style

Micro pave diamonds are not accent stones in the traditional motion. They are a type of surface decoration the same way an Oriental rug is a type of floor covering or decoration and it gives a totally lush feeling. It aids as a type of diamond mosaic to conceal the underlying metal. When crafting a diamond jewel, a plain metal can be very unappealing to the sight. Micro pave fixes that by lighting up the surface of a jewelry, making it appear thinner and more delicate. Therefore, micro pave is often used even on surfaces that are not directly visible from the top.

Micro pave diamond is a great way to describe a perfect engagement ring. They are delicate in a way that screams feminine and that is perfection. Sophistication is driven to a new level with micro pave.

So, the next time you walk into a jewelry store, be sure to let the attendant know that you know the difference between a Micro Pave and an ordinary Pave diamond.

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