The Most Expensive Diamond Cut and Shape

The most expensive cut of a diamond is the round cut diamond. Every woman wants a sparkling stone brilliantly cut known as the most sparkling shapes. That is the reason why they prefer their diamond engagement ring centerpiece to be a round brilliant diamond. Research has shown that over 70 percent of rings in the market is round cut engagement rings.

Knowing expensive cut before proposing

It is a good idea to learn about diamond cuts before purchasing your engagement ring

Why Round Diamond is the Most Expensive Cut

Although the most popular shape among other shapes is the round brilliant cut, popularity is not the major factor that drives up the price of the stone. The major reason why the round shaped diamond is expensive is that there is a higher loss of rough stone while cutting a round shape. This makes the cost for each carat of round cut relatively higher than any other shape.

The brightness and brilliance of the round cut diamond made it one of the most prized and expensive cuts of a diamond. The diamond is excellent for dispelling color and reflecting light, which means that even with lower clarity and color ratings, they still maintain the same aesthetic appeal.

Most diamonds do not come in perfect shapes when they are mined so experts try to get the most out of each rough stone they get. They carve out fancy shapes from an uneven shaped rough stone but a brilliant round shaped diamond can be cut out of properly shaped rough diamond stone. Some of these rough stones feature certain inclusion inside them, which makes these diamonds receive lower quality grades which are sold at lower price.

Price Difference between a Round Cut and Other Diamond Cuts

Different diamond shapes

Round cut diamonds are usually over 30 percent more expensive than other shapes. Choosing other fancy shaped engagement ring will save you over 30 percent. The large demand for a round cut diamonds is another reason why they are more prized and expensive than other diamond cuts. The round shaped diamond is meant to be cut in a way that maximizes the potential brightness of the stone by optimizing the potential brightness of the stone. The sizes of a round stone create the perfect setup to illuminate the diamond and reflect back to the eye in a way that gives the diamond a stunning look.

It is the major reason why the round shape is very popular for decades. This does not mean that round cut diamond is more superior to other shapes. There are other amazing and beautiful shapes such as the princess and cushion cut diamonds.

Other diamond shapes offer a modern look and also fit well with diamond ring traditional settings. Diamond shapes like the princess cut must be symmetrical and anything less decreases the value of the diamond. The shape of other diamond cuts masks imperfections, and it also highlights a lower color grade. They still retain the majority of the original weight of the rough diamond, which allows them to have a fairly low price in the market.

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