What is an Eternity Ring and When Should You Buy It?

In the history of the Old Egyptian, as far back as 2000-1800 BC, eternity represent by a very powerful symbol which was an endless circle symbol. The Egyptians strongly believed that only death can interrupt the marriage bond between a man and a woman. The Egyptians invented the wedding ring with these two concepts in mind.

The idea behind an eternal ring by Egyptians is to create a continuous circle that can never be broken, which continue to define the modern eternity ring. Eternity rings are symbols of everlasting love, which can be exchanged at weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. An eternity ring is surely an outstanding and symbolic guarantee of love. Eternity rings are also called infinity rings and they are made from precious metals and indestructible diamonds. There are two types of eternity rings, one is full eternity ring and the other is half eternity ring.

wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom exchange wedding rings during their wedding ceremony

The Full Eternity Ring

The first type of ring is a full eternity ring. Its stone is arranged closer to the band of the ring. The full eternity ring is usually thicker than other ring and the stones are small. While this might be the traditional type, the full circle of stones might be impractical for certain people. These rings are custom-made and cannot be resized because the stones go all the way around the band. Therefore, if you want to buy a full eternity ring for your soul mate, make sure that you get the size of your finger at a professional jeweler before placing your order.

Eternity Diamond Ring

Full Eternity Ring

The primary selling point of the eternity ring is its romantic meaning. The main reason for the continuous stream of stones is to create a symbolic meaning of an everlasting love. Although, the full eternity is more expensive but is much more valuable. Also, they are crafted into various types, giving you the freedom of choice of selecting your preferred choice.

The Half Eternity Ring

The other type is called the half eternity ring. These rings have their stones set on the top half of the ring. They are more comfortable and practical than the full eternity rings.  Also, these rings allow larger stones such as the diamonds or gems to sit only on top of the band and are usually cheaper than the full eternity rings. Although full eternity rings tend to be more expensive than half eternity ring, their price depends on many different diamond pricing factors.

These factors include the total carat weight of the diamonds or gem used and whether the ring is made of platinum, silver, or gold (with platinum being the most expensive metal). One thing you need to know is that eternity ring is not usually purchased as an engagement ring. A lot of people make a mistake because of the romantic meaning behind this type of ring to propose it to their girlfriend.

half eternity ring

Half Eternity Ring

When Can You Buy or Gift Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings are usually gifted on romantic occasions or special times in the relationship of couples.  The special or traditional times to gift one of these rings to your soul mate is included a wedding day, an anniversary, or the birth of a child. At times, eternity gift is gifted when celebrating an important birthday, during Valentine’s Day or Christmas, although it rarely happens.

Eternity rings are reminders of cherished moments in the life of a couple. Also, they are passed on to their children and grandchildren as treasures. In this way, people are immortalizing their love for each other.

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