What is Clarity Enhanced Diamonds and Why You Should Buy It

Diamond Clarity Enhancements are specific treatments performed on 100% natural diamonds to improve the visual gemological characteristics of the diamond in one or more ways.  To know more about clarity enhanced diamonds, it is helpful that you have a clear knowledge for the following common questions our customers have.

the difference between a normal diamond and a clarity enhanced diamond

The diamond looks better after the enhancement

How are clarity enhanced diamonds produced?

Clarity enhanced diamonds have been a popular trend in the diamond ring market for the past few years. The treatment on clarity enhanced diamond is invisible to the naked eye. It is simply like getting a maintenance specialist to fill the cracks in a broken windshield. Simply put, the jeweler gets rid of the imperfections on the stone or make the inclusions less visible. Once it is done to the extent that the human eyes can no longer see the flaws, the diamond will then be called a clarity enhanced diamond.

Clarity enhanced diamond is the ideal option for anyone looking for a budget rings. The clarity enhanced diamonds are much more affordable than a normal diamond. Hence, there is no need to go with a smaller engagement ring when you have a restricted budget. If your budget is tight, you should know the common ring buying mistakes that people make to save hundreds of dollar.

the size between a normal ring and a clarity enhanced ring

You do not have to sacrifice your ring size to fit your budget anymore

Are they real diamonds?

The simple answer is yes. As a matter of fact, they are real and natural diamonds. They are obviously different than lab created diamonds or moissanite. They are one hundred percent a real diamond because they were mined just like other diamonds. The differences occur when the experienced jewelers applied treatments to improve the clarity of the diamonds. A real diamond will have its imperfections visible to the naked eye. On the other hand, the clarity enhanced diamonds have an enchanting look with no blemishes visible. Only the experts can notice the difference.

How to know if a diamond was enhanced?

It is a tough job if you are a newcomer to the industry. But an expert will quickly spot the difference. As we have said before, a clarity enhanced diamond is much more sophisticated than a real diamond. Although there could be fractures and other imperfections, the jeweler’s intervention has made it perfect for the laser and chemical treatment. If you have a real diamond and a clarity enhanced diamond side by side, probably you will be able to notice it. Simply because an enhanced diamond looks much better in quality.

 Different types of clarity enhancement

The most common method of improving the clarity of the diamond is laser drilling. This process erases the minor imperfections of the natural diamond. Chemicals are also introduced to enhance the condition of the gem. Both laser treatment and chemical treatment add an enchanting look to the diamond. The fractures of a diamond are also filled in the process with an introduction of a glass-like resin material. The reason for these fillings is that it generates a beautiful optical illusion just like a high clarity diamond.

Laser drilling

The laser drilling methodology fits in where the inclusions do not reach the surface of the diamond. In this process, a tiny hole will be burned with a laser beam (less than 0.2 mm) from the surface of the rock to the black inclusion that stays inside the diamond. Basically, it helps open the passageway.

laser drill technique

Laser drilling technique

After that, the jeweler will deep boil the diamond to eliminate the black spot. However, this drilling treatment causes a small tunnel-like inclusion from the surface to the black coating.

Another treatment like laser drilling is called “special laser drilling”. The difference is that it does not burn the small tunnel from the surface of the diamond to the black inclusion. Instead, it burns a plane through the rock until it reaches the black inclusion.

Usually, the inclusion left by this special laser treatment is much bigger than the tunnel created by the conventional laser application. However, it is not visible for an average diamond customer. The plane inclusion, on the other hand, could be easily filled than the tunnel left by the normal laser treatment. Most manufacturers tend to opt for the special laser treatment. The regular laser treatment is not approved by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA).

Fracture filling

fracture filling technique

A sample photo of a fracture filling technique

Fracture filling makes use of chemicals such as silicon. These chemicals are used in a small amount to fill the inclusion cavity. Fracture filling best applied to feather type inclusions. The feather type inclusions are typically clean and empty holes. They are no longer visible to the naked eye once they filled with a chemical solution. Very often, this treatment is used with special laser drilling to approach the inclusions buried beneath the surface of the diamond.

Like in a deep boiling application below, the fracture filling would only fill the fractures of a diamond. Fracture filling is the best treatment to deal with this type of imperfection. Neither laser treatment nor deep boiling can solve the fractured fault as successfully as the chemical solution of fracture filling.

First, the manufacturers check the diamonds thoroughly for any requirement of fracture filling. After that, the diamonds sorted out for fracture filling will be specially drilled by laser to open the buried inclusion so that the chemical solution would easily seep in.

Deep boiling

The jewelers employ the deep boiling methodology mostly on diamonds with black inclusions. The diamond will be boiled under deep pressure in a unique acidic solution. This method is required because the inclusion cavity cannot reach the outer surface of the finished cut diamond. Experts call this replacing the inclusion while not getting rid of it entirely.

The deep boiling procedure does not fill in the cavity. Rather, it gets rid of the black compound on the stone entirely. Once the black layer erased, it is replaced by a translucent white inclusion. Deep boiling is considered both cheap and common. The manufacturers as well as jewelers simply deep boil all the diamonds before categorizing them. Then the diamonds with black layers or inclusions will automatically be removed.


This process was introduced by Sir William Crookes, a physicist. He carried out extensive research on what radiation does to the color of a diamond. He covered the diamonds in radium salt, which gradually turned into dark green. This color was apparently visible because the blotchy patches and the color did not pass the stone surface. This video shows an example of irradiated diamonds:

On the downside, however, the radium treatment left the diamond strongly radioactive. Thus, irradiation technique made diamond quite user-unfriendly. You can see such a diamond even today at the British Museum with the color and radioactive level remaining at the same level.  Today the manufacturers employ four ways of irradiation: proton and neutron bombardment via cyclotrons, gamma ray bombardment via exposure to cobalt-60, neutron bombardment via the piles of nuclear reactors and electron bombardment via Van de Graaff generators.

Sir William Crookes

Sir William Crookes

The cyclotron treatment is not practiced today because it needs the diamond to have the similar cut and color. Suppose, the stone was cyclotron through the back of the diamond, a dark color will be visible through the diamond crown. Suppose the gem was cyclotron through its crown, you can see a dark ring around the center rim of the diamond. The diamonds treated under this irradiation process will remain radioactive for a few hours. The gamma ray bombardment treatment is uncommon as well, though relatively safer and cheaper than other irradiation techniques. However, it takes so long, a period of about several months, to make the treatment successful. The diamonds chosen for the gamma ray treatment is usually yellow in original color.

Unlike both cyclotron and gamma ray treatments, the neutron bombardment is widely used for irradiation. This process offers a greenish black color that pervades the whole stone. When it is heated to 500-900 C, it produces an orange, yellow, brown or pink color.

The electron bombardment via Van de Graaff generators is the commonest irradiation treatment which produces a blue, blue-green, or green color. It penetrates about 1 millimeter deep.


When the outer layer of the diamond is filled with visible imperfections, a coating will be applied as a popular solution. The composite diamond coating is a common method used with hard metal alloy. This is employed with fine particles of diamond detached throughout the metal matrix. This application gives the clarity enhanced diamonds an extra layer of protection from the harsh elements of nature.

High-pressure treatment

In this treatment process, the natural brown diamonds will be heated to improve the color. Even white diamonds can have a brown color to a certain extent. The high-pressure treatment is usually applied on diamonds with nitrogen type I (that turns the diamond into yellow) and nitrogen type II (that makes the stones colorless). The gem experts can identify high pressure treated diamonds. The manufacturers, on the other hand, are required to disclose whether the stones are high pressure treated or not. Any treatment to the gem should be disclosed before being submitted for grading. According to the reports of GIA Laboratory and Research Senior Vice President, the range of diamonds subjected to the HPHT treatment has increased over recent years.

Why should you consider purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond?


  1. Affordability

The clarity enhanced diamonds could be bought at half the price of a real diamond. You can look for a good deal from a clarity enhance diamond store.

  1. Appearance

By now you should already know that an enhanced diamond is a better version of the same diamond. The difference between a clarity enhanced diamond and a real diamond depend on the emergence. You can conveniently look for a clean and neat gem for an affordable rate. Most of the time, people cannot see the difference between them.

  1. Durability

The natural question for most gem connoisseurs and customers is whether the clarity enhanced diamond is durable as a regular diamond. The simple answer is yes. The laser drilling and fracture filling are special treatments to make the diamond even more durable. Furthermore, it makes the diamond susceptible to scratches.

  1. Easy maintenance.

The clarity enhances diamonds usually do not need special care or maintenance. Just make sure that you inform your jeweler that the diamond is a clarity enhanced one during the occasional repairs or services. Usually, the clarity improved gem manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee. So, rest assured your gem won’t need an extra mile of care.

  1. It looks similar

Unless it is a gem expert, no one will be able to identify your gem as a clarity enhanced diamond. It looks like just another polished diamond.


  1. Fracture filling may not last

The reason why you should keep the jeweler informed about the clarity enhanced diamond is that the usual high temperature will destroy the filing made under fracture filling treatment.

  1. The tendency to discolouration.

When the diamond has undergone fracture filling, it may lead to discolouration over time.

Where to buy quality enhanced diamond ring

Diamond Enhancement is not a complicated process. The chart from our Diamond Education Center about clarity enhanced diamonds can give you a good summary of this topic. Beverly Diamonds is one of the best places to buy quality enhanced diamond ring.

Ring from Beverly Diamonds

Engagement Ring from Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds is a dedicated team of sales associates, jewelry designers and gemologists working to excellence. Set up in 2002, Beverley Diamonds is home to a vast selection of fine jewelry including clarity enhanced diamonds and inexpensive engagement ring. We have earned repute about craftsmanship and quality over the years.

The best thing about Beverly Diamonds is that we go through strict quality control checks. The customer has the best diamond selection to go through. We also use real natural diamonds to make clarity enhanced diamonds.

The diamonds purchased at Beverly Diamonds are appraised by gemological laboratories and could be vouched for its durability as well as quality. Many customers have given good ratings for their clarity enhanced diamonds. If you are looking for a place to buy the first class diamond ring at an affordable place, Beverly Diamonds is an ideal destination.

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