Celebrity Wedding Buzz: Reunited, Newly Engaged, and Officially Wed!

Celebrities seem to get married like hotcakes, and this month is no different.  We want to update you with all the latest news when it comes to the celeb wedding buzz, so instead of giving you a weekly update, we wanted to sum up September with the most famous reunions, proposals, and weddings.

BACK TOGETHER: Kat Von D. and Jesse James

No, this isn’t old news—a month after breaking up, the couple has decided to give it another shot.  The couple Tweeted a pretty salacious photo of themselves, showing that their passion and love for each other is very much alive.  Even after all of the testimonials of Jesse James extracurricular escapades when he was with Sandra Bullock, it looks like Kat Von D. is stickin’ by her man.  What’s your take on this celeb duo?

So what kind of wedding ring do you peg this couple at having?  It will most definitely be on the opposite spectrum from anything James gave to Sandra Bullock.  We’re thinking a funky, eccentric stone with a flare of personality, but nothing too over the top.  Kat Von D will probably have to take it off during her at work at her tattoo shop, so the ring has to pop for the moments where she actually does don the lovely gem on her finger.




This 1.2 Carat Princess Cut engagement ring has the extra level of funk and personality that Kat Von D. is all about.  The striped diamond band adds a little bit of intrigue that compliments the already glistening diamond stud.




NEWLY ENGAGED: Neil Diamond and Katie McNeil

At 70 years old Neil Diamond has decided to land the woman of his dreams, and propose to his girlfriend, Katie McNeil.  The very famous singer tweet blasted his fans announcing the good news, even satisfying his fans with a special photo opp of the two.

This will be Neil’s third wedding, so one can only anticipate the giant rock he’ll slide on McNeil’s finger to out trump all his previous engagement rings…




This 1.7 Carat Round Cut diamond engagement ring and band is GRA certified and offers extravagance while still being elegant.  With a last name like Diamond, how could he not spring for a ring that showcases a diamonds beauty and allure?  This ring does just that, and the band is just as glimmering standing on its own.





JUST MARRIED: Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse

On Saturday September 10th, Amy Smart, The Butterfly Effect star, officially tied the knot with her boyfriend Carter Oosterhouse. The couple wed in Oosterhouse’s hometown of Traverse City, Michigan—where Smart’s parents also reside.  Friends of the couple say that are very down to earth, Midwestern types that are as far from the Hollywood sellout image that you can get.




A .5 Carat Round Cut diamond ring offers the simplicity and charm that Amy Smart and her husband represent. Pure and stunning, this platinum engagement ring will compliment anyone’s finger and allows the diamond to speak for itself.

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