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What Hand and Finger to Wear Your Engagement Ring

Fоr mаnу wоmеn, аn engagement rіng іѕ the оnе ріесе оf jеwеlrу that you wіll wеаr еvеrу dау, muсh diffеrеnt thаn a fаѕhiоn rіng уоu wear оn special оссаѕiоns. What hand and finger to wear your engagement ring can depend … Continue reading

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Top Five Diamond Ring Buying Mistakes

Diamond rings have always symbolized for happiness, true love and commitment. Therefore, choosing the right diamond ring has always been a concern for many couples. Not surprisingly, people still make buying mistakes when choosing the right diamond ring. There are … Continue reading

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How to Pick the Best Diamond Ring

People would argue there are only a few things as good looking as a beautiful diamond, and they are not wrong. What pulls us towards precious stones, what even makes us consider them as precious in the first place, is … Continue reading

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Woman’s Engagement Ring Was Hidden in Her Necklace for A Year

Most men think of many creative ways to propose to their girlfriends. Most of them may choose to have an intimate dinner with music and candles. But who would think of a way to give his girlfriend engagement ring was … Continue reading

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Selecting The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

Nothing says “I Love You” louder than a beautiful diamond ring. Not only does the ring look good, but it also portrays genuine commitment, an essential requirement for a successful marriage. However, there are many different types of diamond rings … Continue reading

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