Some Of The Best Diamond Cuts

It can be surprising how many people disregard the cut of the diamonds they buy. However, this the easier aspect to understand among the 4 C’s, as is evident from the Beverly Diamonds reviews you see online. It wouldn’t take much to familiarize yourself with the top ten cuts before you go shopping for a diamond.


This is one of these ageless classics, which have not gone out of fashion ever. Among the fancy diamond cuts, this one still holds major appeal, and an appreciable level of class and originality. The distinguishing feature of this cut gives the diamond a tapered and elongated appearance. Wearing a studded gem of this cut on your finger can give it a more slender look.


The round cut is the most common one you will see, and is found on rings and pendants featured in most Beverly Diamonds reviews. The main advantage of this cut is that it reflects the most light owing to the proper reflection of light. There is something called the brilliant round cut, which means the diamond has 58 facets, so imagine the collective light coming out of such a stone.


The Princess cut has been around since the 1980’s, and is regarded the most fancy shape you will get in a diamond. This too is featured in many of the best Beverly Diamonds reviews. This style allows for much more flexibility when working the stone into the ring.


Oval is another popular choice of diamond cut. This is of the brilliant cut variety, and results in light coming out of the stone in flashes of color. The marked advantage this cut offers over, say, a more elongated shape, is that the stone looks decidedly bigger in this setting. People have different preferences about how narrow they want this, anywhere from 1.35 to 1.50 on the length to width ratio scale. If you have side stones to go along, then a thinner cut would actually look better. Many Beverly Diamonds reviews feature stones of this particular cut.

Among the other popular diamond cuts, you have the Pear Shaped cut, Emerald, Asscher, Radiant, and Heart Shaped, and the Cushion cut. These are the most commonly seen shapes in jewelry diamonds. Make sure to know more about each before you set out to buy a diamond-studded ornament the next time.

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