Properties Of Diamonds

Diamonds are the most beautiful stones in existence, and they’re expensive enough to prove the point. Not everyone can afford to buy an average diamond more than once, as you see from most Beverly Diamonds reviews. All most people do is get an engagement ring, and then forget about diamonds for the rest of their lives. But there are other rings which cost a lot more than the proverbial arm and leg. So let’s see what exactly is it that makes them so expensive?


This is what majorly decides what you pay for a diamond. It’s rare to get a big carat size, and that’s why heavier stones are more expensive in the market. A one-carat diamond is easily worth around 12,000 dollars, and most Beverly Diamonds reviews show that this is what people prefer in their engagement rings. The price tag gets heavier with the more carats you pile in.


The clarity of a diamond depends on the flaws it has inside it. This is one of the deciding factors in the pricing. A stone’s clarity is denoted using a series of letters. For example, you have the letter “F” to show that a diamond has no flaws inside or outside, and this is a pretty rare thing to find. Then you have “IF” for diamonds which have no internal flaws. “VVS1 – VS2” denotes very high quality, with flaws that cannot be seen with the naked eye, whereas in “I1-I3” diamonds, you can see the flaws with just your eyes.


Another aspect, which influences the cost of the diamond, is the cut of it, as discussed by expert Beverly Diamonds reviews. The cut of the stone is what determines the amount of light it reflects back. The right cut would maximize the light making it in and out, with the brilliant glitter you associate with diamonds.

This requires examining under a microscope, as flaws in the cut are not as noticeable as with other attributes. This is probably why this doesn’t play a key role in the cost of the diamond. However, most expensive diamonds have a good cut and polish, as you see from Beverly Diamonds reviews. The cut also defines the smoothness of the diamond surface, which makes the lines and edges clearer when you look at the stone. In the best cut diamonds, you will find flawless symmetry to match the smooth surfaces.

Lastly, there is the color of the stone, but that reflects upon the price rarely. Of course, the seller is the one who decides the price, as there is no standard pricing system for diamonds. So exploring around a little can help while buying diamonds.

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