How To Go About Picking A Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring isn’t an easy thing for most people, and that’s the way it should be. The less careful you are, the more your chances of getting ripped off become, and nobody wants that, of course. There are many things to watch out for while buying diamonds, such as the certificates, cuts, scales, etc. Only after a thorough assessment, you will be ready to buy, but it’s not all so confusing as it sounds. Let’s see how to go for it.

Points to note

Before purchasing, it is important to have known about what grade the diamond falls into. That’s where Beverly Diamonds reviews come handy. There is the shape of the stone to consider, and the more things you check out, the easier it will be to pick out the piece you are looking for. Check out a few Beverly Diamonds reviews when you get the chance.

But first, you should be able to understand the four main properties of diamonds, or the four C’s. Of these – the Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat – the former two need to be checked out first. Get the best out of these without ripping a hole in your wallet, and you will be looking at a decent bargain in your hand. And the best way to get such a deal is usually the internet.

Ideally, you should go in for the best clarity you can find, and go with the whitish color unless you are looking for the more fancy colored type. Under the latter, you have yellow, blue, pink, etc. The best clarity is graded in the range of SI1 to VVS1 (low to high). In this range, you will get the clearer diamonds with least flaws, fit for good jewelry studding. These are the kind used in those wonderful ornaments people write Beverly Diamonds reviews about.

This also means that the stone is more durable than those falling outside the desirable clarity range are. For the color, you should get something between the E and I grades, as most Beverly Diamonds reviews suggest. Such stones are what are called ‘white’ diamonds, with the GIA term for the range being ‘Colorless’ to ‘Near Colorless’. The white color would be appealing, and without the hint of yellowish shade which makes stones unattractive.

The part where you should be expending the most attention is the best arrangement for the gem. If you are looking for a stone to inlay into your gold bracelet, then make sure that the base of the diamond is white, and the yellow color does not spill over into the stone. The best jewelers take care of this for you without needing to be asked.

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