The Truth Behind Colored Diamonds

As you know, the diamonds are available in a various color. You can find them in your favorite colors such as blue, green, pink, orange, red, or yellow. Most of the popular online diamond sellers have an exclusive collection of colored diamonds, and you can easily buy one from there. The first image comes to mind when you think of them is a colorless stone. But there are many colored diamonds available in the market as well. In recent years the colored diamonds have become increasingly popular. Some of the most famous colored diamonds – such as Tifany (yellow) and Hope (blue) are well known in diamond lover community.
The color is an essential element in diamond ranking, or rather the absence of color is usually more preferable. Most diamonds ranked on a white scale or colorless scale. While most of the diamonds are colorless to light yellow, some of the tablets have natural colors that are crisp, distinctive and gorgeous. These diamonds are known for their brilliant and are usually blue, brown or pink. Almost colorless diamonds valued by their lack of color, the brilliant ones are appreciated by their color intensity.
In recent years the colored diamonds have become increasingly scarce and expensive. So how is color formed and how does it affect the price?

What made up the color of the diamonds?

The diamonds are pure carbon crystallized in more than 150 km underground. The diamonds are formed under extremely high temperatures and pressures and are pushed to the ground from a volcano. In the way they are suddenly cooled; If the travel is too long, they will turn back to charcoal or carbonate.
Sometimes other atoms get into the diamond when it is forming. The most common are Nitrogen; The smallest amount of light that absorbs the blue light causes the diamond to have a yellowish tint. Argyle diamonds are mined in Australia. They are an exception because they are extremely pure.

Colored Diamonds

There Are Many Different Colored

Red Diamonds

These are famous for being the rarest type of gem in the world. There is a very small chance of getting one of these in the pure form though. Purple and brown are the most common hues found in these stones. Red diamonds are not popular because they are the most expensive gemstones that only a few people can afford. According to some reputable surveys, only a few people have even seen red diamonds in their pure color. Only a few people have seen them because red diamonds often have a tint of pink or yellow in them.

red fancy diamond ring
Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are quite popular and have been in demand for decades. Natural green diamonds are sure to add charm to your better half. However, it is scarce to find genuine green colored diamonds. The diamonds get green color during its formative process, due to coming in frequent contact with the radiation. Furthermore, it is the second most expensive diamonds next to the exotic red diamonds.

green diamond
Blue Diamonds

Like green diamonds, blue diamonds are also rare to find but have been a pride of royal families since the 18th century. We believe these diamonds get their blue color, along with the combination of the secondary hues of green, gray, and black, because of the presence of boron in it. Certain studies indicate that the presence of nitrogen also contributes to the blue color.

blue diamond
Pink Diamonds

These diamonds got their color from the shift in crystal structure when they formed. You also get other hues besides the pink, including red, orange and purple. Getting an entirely pink diamond is a very rare

Pink diamond
Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds get their original orange color from the alignment of carbon atoms in the stone, added together with the presence of nitrogen. There are other hues to be found in most diamonds of this type, such as red and yellow.

orange diamond ring
Yellow diamonds

Regarding popularity, yellow diamonds top the chart. There are two reasons for the enormous popularity of yellow diamonds; they look extremely pleasing and have a sunny disposition. Yellow diamonds are dubbed canary diamonds. As per the experts at Beverly Diamonds, the presence of nitrogen gives the rocks this yellow shade.

Yellow ring
These are some of the most famous colored diamonds. Ask for the preferred color of your partner and surprise her by presenting her favorite colored diamond jewelry.

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