Different Diamond Colors And Their Significance

When purchasing diamond jewelry, it is better to take time, learn about the different nuances of a diamond and select the best one. It took millions of years for these diamonds to form and it certainly doesn’t hurt to research for a while before you settle on buying one. Online sellers like Beverly Diamonds make sure that you buy a diamond that can be cherished for lifetime.

There are four C’s that define a diamond – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. While Carat determines the weight and the size of the diamond, the Cut specifies the proportions of the diamond and the Clarity denotes the flaws in it. All these features of the diamond are factored in when grading diamonds.

Experts at Beverly Diamonds say that diamonds can be in a range of different colors, varying in color and the intensity. Certain colors are extremely rare, which make the gem extremely rare and all the more pricey. Each color signifies different meaning and knowing these colors will give you a good picture as to which one would suit you the best.

The Colors of diamonds

Pure white transparent diamonds are the most chemically pure and structurally perfect diamonds. In fact, the raw uncut version of these diamonds would not look any different from glass. Once the diamond has been cut and the facets drawn, the sparkling side of the stone becomes vibrant. White diamonds are also most commonly preferred during marriage, since it signifies purity and perfection. They make best gifts on special occasions as well.

Diamonds commonly have a yellow tint. Experts at Beverly Diamonds underline that diamonds are rated according to the tint from true colorless and white diamonds to light yellow. Between these two grades, other ranks endowed to diamonds are near colorless, faint yellow, and very light yellow. Light yellow are known to be champagne colored and represent warmth and compassion. Generally, diamonds in this spectrum are available at cheaper rates.

Apart from various shades of yellow, there are different diamonds that have extremely rare tints like red, blue, and green. High clarity diamonds that have a strong color are rare to find. Some jewelers like the Beverly Diamonds have an exclusive collection of such extremely high priced diamonds. High-grade diamonds are also sold on auction and go for millions of dollars.

Although there is no scientific basis for the individual traits of different Colors of diamonds, most cultures have specified these associations for centuries. So now, you know what to look for in a diamond, the next time you buy one.

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