What is a Cushion Cut Diamonds

No one would disagree that the ‘Cut’ is the most important factor that determines the quality of a diamond. Among the modern diamond cuts, the cushion cut diamonds ring is currently in style. This cut was popular even a century ago.

Cushion cut diamonds are popular because of their romantic appearance. That is why it has been one of the best choices for an engagement ring for a long time. Let look at what makes Cushion cut diamonds stand out from the rest in the market:

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond with Side Stones from Beverly Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond has a Unique design

The prime attraction of cushion cut diamonds is their simple yet elegant appearance. While other fancy type diamonds grab your attention only for a little while, cushion cut diamonds make you cannot take your eyes away from them. In our opinion, the main factor that adds to the brilliant look of cushion cut diamonds is their rounded corners. That is why this type of diamonds sparkle vividly. Looking at the large sides, one can quickly figure out its clarity and thereby get closer to determining the quality and value of the diamond.

Cushion Cut Diamond Match with micro pave and halo designs

Cushion cut diamonds are matching with halo and micro pave designs. Both designs are popular among fashion-centric people these days. So, the demand for this type of diamonds has increased tremendously in recent years. Some would rather call cushion cut diamonds ‘pillow cut diamonds.’ This is because fresh cushion cut is derived from an old cut, featured with softened pillow shape, with a square and round outline. According to experts at Beverly Diamonds, about one-third of the total orders they receive every year are for cushion cut diamonds. The large volume of sale just indicates the popularity of this diamond cut style.

According to prominent geologists, cushion cut diamonds are a good choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and even other pieces of jewelry like studs, pendants, or earrings. Popular models of Cushion cut diamonds are Cullinan II, Hope Diamond, and Tiffany Yellow.

You can find Cushion cut diamonds on local outlets as well as reputed online diamond jewelry sellers. Beverly Diamonds stocks an extensive collection of such fancy cut diamonds, so that you can easily buy the one that matches your need.


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The Truth Behind Colored Diamonds

As you know, the diamonds are available in a various color. You can find them in your favorite colors such as blue, green, pink, orange, red, or yellow. Most of the popular online diamond sellers have an exclusive collection of colored diamonds, and you can easily buy one from there. The first image comes to mind when you think of them is a colorless stone. But there are many colored diamonds available in the market as well. In recent years the colored diamonds have become increasingly popular. Some of the most famous colored diamonds – such as Tifany (yellow) and Hope (blue) are well known in diamond lover community.
The color is an essential element in diamond ranking, or rather the absence of color is usually more preferable. Most diamonds ranked on a white scale or colorless scale. While most of the diamonds are colorless to light yellow, some of the tablets have natural colors that are crisp, distinctive and gorgeous. These diamonds are known for their brilliant and are usually blue, brown or pink. Almost colorless diamonds valued by their lack of color, the brilliant ones are appreciated by their color intensity.
In recent years the colored diamonds have become increasingly scarce and expensive. So how is color formed and how does it affect the price?

What made up the color of the diamonds?

The diamonds are pure carbon crystallized in more than 150 km underground. The diamonds are formed under extremely high temperatures and pressures and are pushed to the ground from a volcano. In the way they are suddenly cooled; If the travel is too long, they will turn back to charcoal or carbonate.
Sometimes other atoms get into the diamond when it is forming. The most common are Nitrogen; The smallest amount of light that absorbs the blue light causes the diamond to have a yellowish tint. Argyle diamonds are mined in Australia. They are an exception because they are extremely pure.

Colored Diamonds

There Are Many Different Colored

Red Diamonds

These are famous for being the rarest type of gem in the world. There is a very small chance of getting one of these in the pure form though. Purple and brown are the most common hues found in these stones. Red diamonds are not popular because they are the most expensive gemstones that only a few people can afford. According to some reputable surveys, only a few people have even seen red diamonds in their pure color. Only a few people have seen them because red diamonds often have a tint of pink or yellow in them.

red fancy diamond ring
Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are quite popular and have been in demand for decades. Natural green diamonds are sure to add charm to your better half. However, it is scarce to find genuine green colored diamonds. The diamonds get green color during its formative process, due to coming in frequent contact with the radiation. Furthermore, it is the second most expensive diamonds next to the exotic red diamonds.

green diamond
Blue Diamonds

Like green diamonds, blue diamonds are also rare to find but have been a pride of royal families since the 18th century. We believe these diamonds get their blue color, along with the combination of the secondary hues of green, gray, and black, because of the presence of boron in it. Certain studies indicate that the presence of nitrogen also contributes to the blue color.

blue diamond
Pink Diamonds

These diamonds got their color from the shift in crystal structure when they formed. You also get other hues besides the pink, including red, orange and purple. Getting an entirely pink diamond is a very rare

Pink diamond
Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds get their original orange color from the alignment of carbon atoms in the stone, added together with the presence of nitrogen. There are other hues to be found in most diamonds of this type, such as red and yellow.

orange diamond ring
Yellow diamonds

Regarding popularity, yellow diamonds top the chart. There are two reasons for the enormous popularity of yellow diamonds; they look extremely pleasing and have a sunny disposition. Yellow diamonds are dubbed canary diamonds. As per the experts at Beverly Diamonds, the presence of nitrogen gives the rocks this yellow shade.

Yellow ring
These are some of the most famous colored diamonds. Ask for the preferred color of your partner and surprise her by presenting her favorite colored diamond jewelry.

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Selecting The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

Nothing says “I Love You” louder than a beautiful diamond ring. Not only does the ring look good, but it also portrays genuine commitment, an essential requirement for a successful marriage. However, there are many different types of diamond rings out there, and selecting the best one that suits your needs and fits your budget is always the tricky part.

Successful Proposal

A beautiful ring an important part of your proposal

Selecting the best stone

When it comes to diamonds, it’s the 4 C’s that determine the characteristics of the diamond. The 4 C’s stand for Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. Understanding these terms and what it signifies are necessary for selecting a ring that would be worth the money spent. Diamond jewelry experts always mention the significance of these characteristics when purchasing diamond jewelry.

The Diamond Cut and Color

Among the 4 C’s, the most important quality of a diamond is the Cut. Raw diamonds are called ‘uncut’ diamonds, and these are shaped in a manner such that the brilliance and the sparkle brought to the gem. A finely cut small diamond would look significantly better and even bigger than a higher carat but poorly cut diamonds. When you are purchasing from Beverly Diamonds jewelry store, you can be sure that every diamond is properly cut and sparkles in every lighting condition. If you look at Beverly Diamonds reviews by previous buyers, you will come across many people who are impressed by the brilliant cut of diamonds they offer.

Of course, there are many articles strewn across the internet that explain different colors of diamond and its ‘significance.’ However, the truth is, most diamonds have a tinge of yellow and the lesser the tinge, the more valuable they are. Sure, there are rare jewel colors like blue and red, but these diamonds are only available at auctions and go on sale for millions of dollars. If you look through some expert Beverly Diamonds reviews, rarely do you come across any mention of colored diamond rings.

The Clarity and Carat Weight of the Diamond

While Carat signifies the size of the diamond, the Clarity is another important factor. The clarity of a diamond determines if the gem has any blemishes or imperfections. The flaws in the diamond affect the sparkle as well. The higher the Clarity of the diamond, the more brilliant would be the sparkle. If you look through the Beverly Diamonds reviews online, you would see that most buyers attest to the fact that Beverly Diamonds use the best and the highly rated diamonds only.

When it comes to shape and size, do not search for meaning and what it signifies and instead consider the aesthetics. Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts highlight that there are many different diamond shapes, from emerald, pear and oval to round and even square. So, consider consulting with some geologist or expert when purchasing from diamond jewelry. It would, of course, ease the selection process and help you select the best stone.

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Some Of The Best Diamond Cuts

It can be surprising how many people disregard the cut of the diamonds they buy. However, this the easier aspect to understand among the 4 C’s, as is evident from the Beverly Diamonds reviews you see online. It wouldn’t take much to familiarize yourself with the top ten cuts before you go shopping for a diamond.


This is one of these ageless classics, which have not gone out of fashion ever. Among the fancy diamond cuts, this one still holds major appeal, and an appreciable level of class and originality. The distinguishing feature of this cut gives the diamond a tapered and elongated appearance. Wearing a studded gem of this cut on your finger can give it a more slender look.


The round cut is the most common one you will see, and is found on rings and pendants featured in most Beverly Diamonds reviews. The main advantage of this cut is that it reflects the most light owing to the proper reflection of light. There is something called the brilliant round cut, which means the diamond has 58 facets, so imagine the collective light coming out of such a stone.


The Princess cut has been around since the 1980’s, and is regarded the most fancy shape you will get in a diamond. This too is featured in many of the best Beverly Diamonds reviews. This style allows for much more flexibility when working the stone into the ring.


Oval is another popular choice of diamond cut. This is of the brilliant cut variety, and results in light coming out of the stone in flashes of color. The marked advantage this cut offers over, say, a more elongated shape, is that the stone looks decidedly bigger in this setting. People have different preferences about how narrow they want this, anywhere from 1.35 to 1.50 on the length to width ratio scale. If you have side stones to go along, then a thinner cut would actually look better. Many Beverly Diamonds reviews feature stones of this particular cut.

Among the other popular diamond cuts, you have the Pear Shaped cut, Emerald, Asscher, Radiant, and Heart Shaped, and the Cushion cut. These are the most commonly seen shapes in jewelry diamonds. Make sure to know more about each before you set out to buy a diamond-studded ornament the next time.

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Different Diamond Colors And Their Significance

When purchasing diamond jewelry, it is better to take time, learn about the different nuances of a diamond and select the best one. It took millions of years for these diamonds to form and it certainly doesn’t hurt to research for a while before you settle on buying one. Online sellers like Beverly Diamonds make sure that you buy a diamond that can be cherished for lifetime.

There are four C’s that define a diamond – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. While Carat determines the weight and the size of the diamond, the Cut specifies the proportions of the diamond and the Clarity denotes the flaws in it. All these features of the diamond are factored in when grading diamonds.

Experts at Beverly Diamonds say that diamonds can be in a range of different colors, varying in color and the intensity. Certain colors are extremely rare, which make the gem extremely rare and all the more pricey. Each color signifies different meaning and knowing these colors will give you a good picture as to which one would suit you the best.

The Colors of diamonds

Pure white transparent diamonds are the most chemically pure and structurally perfect diamonds. In fact, the raw uncut version of these diamonds would not look any different from glass. Once the diamond has been cut and the facets drawn, the sparkling side of the stone becomes vibrant. White diamonds are also most commonly preferred during marriage, since it signifies purity and perfection. They make best gifts on special occasions as well.

Diamonds commonly have a yellow tint. Experts at Beverly Diamonds underline that diamonds are rated according to the tint from true colorless and white diamonds to light yellow. Between these two grades, other ranks endowed to diamonds are near colorless, faint yellow, and very light yellow. Light yellow are known to be champagne colored and represent warmth and compassion. Generally, diamonds in this spectrum are available at cheaper rates.

Apart from various shades of yellow, there are different diamonds that have extremely rare tints like red, blue, and green. High clarity diamonds that have a strong color are rare to find. Some jewelers like the Beverly Diamonds have an exclusive collection of such extremely high priced diamonds. High-grade diamonds are also sold on auction and go for millions of dollars.

Although there is no scientific basis for the individual traits of different Colors of diamonds, most cultures have specified these associations for centuries. So now, you know what to look for in a diamond, the next time you buy one.

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Tips To Choose The Best Diamonds

If you are planning to buy diamonds, then there are many things to keep in mind. Making a checklist beforehand will obviously help you choose the best diamond jewelry.

Even though a diamond comes with a certificate, you should check the details thoroughly and see if the item is certified by laboratories like Gemological Institute of America before making the purchase. You should also understand about the four ‘C’s before you go in.

Sometimes, the certifications give you an idea about the value of the diamond. However, this could be an estimated price, and could be much higher than the actual cost. Therefore, if you are planning to insure the diamond, make sure that you access it thoroughly with experts like Beverly Diamonds. Keep in mind that no Beverly Diamonds complaints have come up yet, and therefore, you can trust them.

When you buy diamonds, it is better to purchase it from genuine and renowned sellers like Beverly Diamonds. The nonexistence of Beverly Diamonds complaints shows that only high quality diamonds are offered by the company.

Go for a separate stone if you are planning to buy a diamond ring. This is because the major portion of the ring will be highlighted by the stone. By purchasing loose stones, you will be able to break down the cost, which you cannot do when purchasing a pre-designed ring. Another advantage of purchasing diamonds separately is that you will be able to examine the stone closely.

Another option is to go for the customized diamond rings. This feature, as offered by the Beverly Diamonds company, is a great option to pick the stone you want and set it on a ring of your choice. You can also upload a picture of the diamond jewelry you like, and ask experts at Beverly Diamonds to design a similar one for you.

When you buy diamonds online, check whether it is treated fill in the cracks and avoid black blemishes. However, when you buy diamonds from companies like Beverly Diamonds, you do not have to fear about treated diamonds, as they sell only high quality diamonds. This is one of the reasons of not finding any Beverly Diamonds complaints.

So, if you are planning to purchase diamonds, then check out the huge collection at Beverly Diamonds. There have been no reports of Beverly Diamonds complaints whatsoever, which defines the high standards they maintain.

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How To Go About Picking A Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring isn’t an easy thing for most people, and that’s the way it should be. The less careful you are, the more your chances of getting ripped off become, and nobody wants that, of course. There are many things to watch out for while buying diamonds, such as the certificates, cuts, scales, etc. Only after a thorough assessment, you will be ready to buy, but it’s not all so confusing as it sounds. Let’s see how to go for it.

Points to note

Before purchasing, it is important to have known about what grade the diamond falls into. That’s where Beverly Diamonds reviews come handy. There is the shape of the stone to consider, and the more things you check out, the easier it will be to pick out the piece you are looking for. Check out a few Beverly Diamonds reviews when you get the chance.

But first, you should be able to understand the four main properties of diamonds, or the four C’s. Of these – the Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat – the former two need to be checked out first. Get the best out of these without ripping a hole in your wallet, and you will be looking at a decent bargain in your hand. And the best way to get such a deal is usually the internet.

Ideally, you should go in for the best clarity you can find, and go with the whitish color unless you are looking for the more fancy colored type. Under the latter, you have yellow, blue, pink, etc. The best clarity is graded in the range of SI1 to VVS1 (low to high). In this range, you will get the clearer diamonds with least flaws, fit for good jewelry studding. These are the kind used in those wonderful ornaments people write Beverly Diamonds reviews about.

This also means that the stone is more durable than those falling outside the desirable clarity range are. For the color, you should get something between the E and I grades, as most Beverly Diamonds reviews suggest. Such stones are what are called ‘white’ diamonds, with the GIA term for the range being ‘Colorless’ to ‘Near Colorless’. The white color would be appealing, and without the hint of yellowish shade which makes stones unattractive.

The part where you should be expending the most attention is the best arrangement for the gem. If you are looking for a stone to inlay into your gold bracelet, then make sure that the base of the diamond is white, and the yellow color does not spill over into the stone. The best jewelers take care of this for you without needing to be asked.

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Buy Quality Diamond Jewellery Online

Most of us do not like to purchase jewelry online. This is because if not careful, we might be duped into buying low quality items for the price of the real ones. One way to avoid such things is to stick to reputed jewellers and websites like Beverly Diamonds. From the favourable Beverly Diamonds reviews posted online, it is clear that they sell quality diamond jewellery and offer the best customer service.

Why buy jewellery from Beverly Diamonds?

First of all, Beverly Diamonds is a diamond seller based in Los Angeles, established back in 2002. They are reputed for a grand collection of diamond jewelry, and an excellent customer service speaks out for their high calibre. By going through the Beverly Diamonds reviews by previous customers, you will get a sense of their product quality and service. In fact, many users were impressed by the customized engagement ring they bought, and their Beverly Diamonds reviews is all about appreciating beautifully designed ring.

Of course, you know how expensive it can be to buy customized engagement rings. And in most cases, the final product might not look like what you had in mind. This will not be a problem though, if you are buying jewelry from Beverly Diamonds website. You can use their special software to describe the ring, and design it according to your desire. You can also upload a sketch of the design you have in mind, or attach a link to some ring that you saw online.

You might be looking to create a replica of the engagement ring your parents or grandparents had. If so, you can skip the ring customization step, and simply upload the picture of the ring on the site. The designers at Beverly Diamonds will then draft the ring design based on your specified instructions, and you can verify the same before buying. They will also provide a quote with the estimated price details for the customized ring design.

You can also buy many standard rings and other jewellery models from the website. A great collection of bracelets, pendants, studs, wedding bands, necklaces, and more are featured there. Just choose the one you like, and place the order. The jewellery will be delivered to your doorstep in a few days. Do not forget to post your Beverly Diamonds reviews and feedback after the purchase.

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Diamond Studs: Symbol Of Dazzling Royal Beauty

Diamonds are just the perfect gift, which lights the imagination and captures the heart of anyone. This sparkling beauty can represent precious moments in life with joy unbounded. Be it a gorgeous necklace or dazzling studs, Beverly Diamonds have a wonderful selection of skillfully designed jewelry to be worn on special occasions, and even every day, if you love the playful yet luxurious look offered.

In the nineteenth century, with the advent of enhanced cutting and polishing techniques, high profile, rich, and royal families began purchasing diamond studs. A pair of diamond studs was a symbol of royalty and aristocracy those days.

Things have not changed much today; even now, diamond studded jewelries show the class of the wearer. The only difference now is that diamonds are not restricted to the upper class society. If you have the financial freedom to spend on exotic jewelries, any person can buy Beverly Diamonds for their loved ones.

When you think of the amazing combinations in jewelries, nothing beats diamonds with platinum, the best combination of metal and gemstone. Platinum diamond studs have such amazing beauty that they can mesmerize viewers at the very first glance. Buy sparkling platinum diamond studs from Beverly Diamonds for your significant other and see the warm smile on their faces when they enjoy the pride of owning it.

Most diamond studded jewelries are growing in popularity mainly due to their comparatively lesser price when compared to other ornaments. You can find many flexible price slabs for diamond earrings and bands. This way, you can be rest assured to find a pair at a price that won’t require you to break the bank.

You can find various selections of diamond jewelry offered by Beverly Diamonds. They offer some of the top quality diamond rings, earrings, wedding bands, eternity bands, and necklaces within your price range. You will find gold, silver, and platinum as the most common metals used for creating and designing diamond jewelry. You can choose the perfect diamond studs to meet your needs, taste, and preference.

Diamonds have been the most precious and treasured natural element in the world, for centuries. It has been symbolizing status, romance, love, and above all wealth. Just be careful to check the four ‘C’s of the diamond: the color, cut, clarity, and carat, while buying, and get the perfect stone for your needs.

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Why Buying Diamonds Online Is A Good Option

Buying diamonds online? Yes, that’s possible nowadays! There are actually lots of options provided by diamond retail stores on the web, that help the users to buy best cut stones at better prices. Most people consider buying diamonds only on special occasions, and this is one of the main reasons why they appear being clueless while buying diamond jewelry from a retail store. But if opted to buy diamonds online from some trusted jewelers like Beverly Diamonds, you will be able to check out the vast collection of best-cut diamonds and even compare the prices.

Here are some of the most striking benefits of buying diamonds online from stores like Beverly Diamonds.

Vast collection of diamonds

When you plan to buy diamonds from a retail store, you are obviously limited to the stock available there. No matter how big the outlet is, it won’t ever have the huge collection that an online website can manage. Such a enormous selection of diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, wedding bands, and other jewelry items make it much easier to select the specific piece suiting your budget. In short, you can buy whichever type of diamonds you like.

Customizing options

Another benefit of buying diamonds from reliable jewelers like Beverly Diamonds is that you can customize the ring as per your desires. For example, if you want to customize a diamond ring for your wedding, you can write a small description of the product and/or upload a picture of similar ring. The jewelry manufacturer will design the ring then, and calculate the price based on that.

Easier to buy

If you choose to buy diamonds from a retail store, you may have to travel a long way to find some good jewelry shop. But if buying diamonds online, all you need to do is pick the best stone to match with your needs and budget, order it, and receive the package at your doorstep.

Buying diamonds from online shopping websites is a lot safer when compared to buying it from a local store. However, you should ensure that you are buying the jewelry from authentic stores like Beverly Diamonds that have been accredited by Better Business Bureau for trusted services. Checking customer reviews on the company is a great help as well.

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