When Buying A Beautiful Engagement Ring For Your Better Half

If you are planning to propose to your long time girlfriend, you need to buy an expensive diamond ring for the occasion, the best you can afford. Now, this is something we hear at the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk a lot; some people want the most beautiful stone in the shop, but just cannot afford to pay for it. So, the best way to go about for that is to start saving.

Remember that this engagement ring is going to mark a very important event in you and your girlfriend’s life. So, you must be willing to spend at least 2-3 month’s savings on the ring. For that amount, you are sure to find a beautiful stone at the Beverly Diamonds store. So, if you are planning to pop the question, you need to start saving a few months before.

Another important thing to get right is the size of the ring. This is something many buyers overlook. You just have to clandestinely obtain one of her rings, take it to the jewellers to get the exact size and then put it back without her noticing it is gone. Even if you get it wrong, there is no need to go to the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk. Just visit the shop and ask for the necessary modifications or a replacement for the ring in the correct size.

Get as much information as you can about her tastes and preferences. You need to find out what type of diamond she likes, the metal for the ring, the shape, the color, and so on. There are many other things as well, which you need to consider before buying a diamond ring for your fiancée.

For example, you need to do some research on diamonds and the available kinds, before you get started. If you look at the many queries received at the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk, it is clear that many buyers do not know much about diamonds, especially the 4 C’s –Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity – which are four basic parameters that determine the value of the stone you are purchasing.

A good quality diamond that scores high on all four of these parameters will be of high value and will therefore come with a more expensive price tag. So it is better to check all the aspects carefully beforehand. Also, you can contact experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, if you have any queries about the stone you are intending to purchase.

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