The Different Types Of Colored Diamond

Diamonds are precious stones. The first image, which comes to mind when you think of them is of a colorless stone. This is evident from the numerous Beverly Diamonds reviews you see online. But did you know that there are many colored diamonds available in the market as well, and that these can be used in jewelry?

There is more than the conventional spectrum of colors to such diamonds; pink, blue, red, green, yellow – you name it. Fancy color diamonds have a market of their persona, and are owned for a markedly different look from their colorless counterparts.

It is hard enough to find good colorless diamonds, and this is why people value them. Most Beverly Diamonds reviews extol the jeweler for making the best stones available to avid buyers. However, it is even harder acquiring colored diamonds. Here is a look at some of the types that you can lay your hands on.

Red Diamonds

These are famous for being the rarest type of gem in the world. There is the least chance of getting one of these in the pure form though. Purple and brown are the most common hues found in these stones.

Green Diamonds

Diamonds of green color get the chromatic property from being exposed to radiation during formation. It is hard to find these diamonds without a secondary hue, and they are the most exotic stones in the world, right after natural red diamonds.

Pink Diamonds

These diamonds get their color from the shift in crystal structure when they are formed. You also get other hues besides the pink, including red, orange and purple. Getting a fully pink diamond is a rare prospect.

Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds get their characteristic orange color from the particular alignment of carbon atoms in the stone, added together with the presence of nitrogen. There are other hues to be found in most diamonds of this type, such as red and yellow.

Yellow Diamonds

These are widely appreciated for their ‘warm’ and ‘sunny’ hue. And they are understandably called ‘canary diamonds’. There is a seven-step gauge for the color intensity of these diamonds, ranging from fair to deep. Presence of nitrogen is what imparts these diamonds with the color they give off.

Buying diamonds can be a hassle unless you know where to look for them. This is where online diamond jewelers like Beverly Diamonds can help. Read a few Beverly Diamonds reviews, and you will be set to buy some of the best diamonds online. And expect all Beverly Diamonds reviews you see to be brimming over with praise, because that’s how they serve their customers.

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