Selecting The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Better Half

Nothing says “I Love You” more loudly than a beautiful diamond ring. Not only does the prized possession look good, it portrays true commitment, an essential requirement for a successful marriage. However, there are many different types of diamond rings out there, and selecting the best one that suits your needs and fits your budget is always the difficult part.

Selecting the best stone

When it comes to diamonds, it’s the 4 C’s that determine the characteristics of the diamond. The 4 C’s stand for Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Understanding these terms and what it signifies are important for selecting a diamond that would be worth the money spent. Diamond jewelry experts always mention the significance of these characteristics when purchasing diamond jewelry.

Among the 4 C’s, the most important quality of a diamond is the Cut. Raw diamonds are called ‘uncut’ diamonds and these are shaped in a particular manner such that the brilliance and the sparkle are brought to the gem. A finely cut small diamond would look significantly better and even bigger than a higher carat but poorly cut diamonds.

When you are purchasing from Beverly Diamonds jewelry store, you can be sure that every diamond is properly cut and sparkles in every lighting condition. If you look at Beverly Diamonds reviews by previous buyers, you would come across many people who are impressed by the brilliant cut of diamonds they offer.

Of course, there are many articles strewn across the internet that explain different colors of diamond and its ‘significance’. However, the truth is, most diamonds have a tinge of yellow and the lesser the tinge, the more valuable they are. Sure, there are rare diamond colors like blue and red, but these diamonds are only available at auctions and go on sale for millions of dollars. If you look through some expert Beverly Diamonds reviews, rarely do you come across any mention of colored diamond rings.

While Carat signifies the size of the diamond, the Clarity is another important factor. The clarity of a particular diamond determines if the gem has any blemishes or imperfections. The imperfections in the diamond affect the sparkle as well. The higher the Clarity of the diamond, the more brilliant would be the sparkle. If you look through the Beverly Diamonds reviews online, you would see that most buyers attest to the fact that Beverly Diamonds use the best and the highly rated diamonds only.

When it comes to shape and size, do not search for meaning and what it signifies and instead look into the aesthetics. Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts highlight that there are many different diamond shapes, from emerald, pear and oval to round and even square. So, consider consulting with some gemologist or expert when purchasing from diamond jewelry. It would of course ease the selection process and help you select the best stone.

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