Simulated Diamonds And Lab Created Diamonds – A General Comparison

In the opinion of experts at Beverly Diamonds, artificial diamonds are classified into different types like lab created diamonds and simulated diamonds. However, there are some sellers who opine that both types of diamonds are same. Perhaps, they may look similar in appearance or even in the quality but there are multiple differences between both types.

About Lab Created Diamonds and Simulated diamonds

If you examine a lab created diamond’s visual, physical and chemical aspects, you will see that is more or less like mined diamonds. Because it employs various technologies such as HPHT and CVD during its processing, experts call it lab created diamonds.

In terms of gemological properties, a simulated diamond is exactly the same as a created diamond. Simulated diamonds only resemble the diamond stones, but are of different materials. White sapphire and rhinestones are examples for simulated diamonds. Recently, a latest model of simulated diamond known as hybrid diamonds was introduced.

Diamond experts at Beverly Diamonds encourage customers to pay attention to properties of simulated diamonds before buying them. Although there are several features and properties that are quite similar in both types of diamonds (simulated diamonds and lab created diamonds), it is quite necessary that subject them for your close examination.

Simulated diamonds are often observed with lots of flaws. The best way to identify a simulated diamond from a lab created diamond is by checking hardness. According to experts at Beverly Diamonds, simulated diamonds are not as hard as created diamonds. Furthermore, simulated diamonds have external coating that fades in the course of time. A close examination will certainly reveal the coating or poor polishing.

Despite the aforementioned flaws with simulated diamonds, there are certain areas where they compete with pure diamonds. Some of the latest versions of simulated diamonds, for instance hybrid diamonds come very close to genuine diamonds in terms of fire and brilliance. There are two different reasons why some people prefer simulated diamonds to pure diamonds – the brilliance and the price. Latest models of simulated diamonds are as brilliant as or more brilliant than real diamonds. Besides that, they are quite cheaper than genuine diamonds.

If you are planning to buy a diamond for a lifetime, I would recommend you to buy a real diamond instead of going for a simulated diamond. If you still have any questions about diamonds, consider reading a couple of Beverly Diamonds reviews.

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