Know The Popular Colored Diamonds

DiamondsĀ are available in a numerous colors. You can find them in your favorite colors such as blue, green, pink, orange, red, or yellow. Most of the popular diamond sellers, for instance Beverly Diamonds, have an exclusive collection of colored diamonds, and you can buy one from there easily. Here is a brief account of the most popular colored diamonds available in the market today.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are not the number one in terms of popularity, which is because they are the most expensive gemstones that only a few can afford. According to some surveys, only a very few people have even seen red diamonds in their pure color. This is because red diamonds often have a tint of pink or yellow in them.

Green diamonds

According to the consultants at Beverly Diamonds, green diamonds are quite popular and have been in demand for decades. Natural green diamonds are sure to add charm to your better half. However, it is very rare to find pure green colored diamonds. The diamonds get green color during its formative process, due to coming in frequent contact with the radiation. Furthermore, it is the second most expensive diamonds next to the exotic red diamonds.

Blue diamonds

Like green diamonds, blue diamonds are also rare to find, but have been a pride of royal families since the 18th century. In the opinion of experts at Beverly Diamonds, these diamonds get their blue color, along with the combination of the secondary hues of green, grey, and black, because of the presence of boron in it. Certain studies indicate that the presence of nitrogen also contributes to the blue color.

Yellow diamonds

In terms of popularity, yellow diamonds tops the chart. There are two reasons for the huge popularity of yellow diamonds; they look extremely pleasing, and have a sunny disposition. Yellow diamonds are dubbed canary diamonds. As per the experts at Beverly Diamonds, the presence of nitrogen gives the diamonds this yellow shade.

These are some of the most popular colored diamonds. Ask for the preferred color of your partner and surprise her by presenting her favorite colored diamond jewelry.

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