Best Diamond Cuts And Shapes

There are many different varieties and shapes of diamonds, which make the process of choosing the perfect one quite baffling. Therefore, here are some of the most desirable shapes explained by experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, which would help you settle on the most suitable one for your needs.

Asscher Cut

These are also called as the square Emerald cuts and have cropped corners. The cuts and corners offer an octagonal appearance. When you try to look into the Asscher Cut diamond, you will be looking into the entirety of the stone, as it has a bright and open appearance.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut diamonds boasts of high transparency. This diamond has great aesthetic appeal and clarity. It is sure that others will be green with envy when they see you wearing an Emerald diamond studded jewelry.

Cushion Cut

This is a combination of the traditional style and the new style diamonds. Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints section explain that this is a hybrid form of the Mine cut that was very much popular around a century ago, and the modern Oval cut.

Marquise Cut

This type of diamonds has an elongated, round cut, making the stone look like an eye. If you look hard into it, you may feel as if the stone is blinking at you. According to Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, the distinctive shape of the stone is designed to cut out the natural inclusions. This shape also maximizes the appearance of the stone.

Pear Shape

This shape of diamond offers exceptional performance and has 58 facets. This diamond will make you the center of attraction owing to its unique shape and brilliance. As per the Beverly Diamonds complaints unit, this type of diamonds is one of the most sold shapes at present.

Oval Cut

If you are planning to have a stone that looks like a round diamond, then you can go for the Oval cut diamond. This is the perfect diamond for anyone who likes scenic view.

Radiant Cut

A blend of square and round, this is a fusion of the Emerald cut and the traditional Round Brilliant cut. This diamond was made to make an unconventional shape while retaining the properties of its parent cuts.

These are some of the best diamond cuts. Now you have a brief idea on the available diamond cuts; choose the one that suits you the best.

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