About Cushion Cut Diamonds

No one would disagree that the ‘Cut’ is the most important factor that determines the quality of a diamond. Among the popular diamond cuts, the Cushion cut is currently in style. According to some Beverly Diamonds reviews, this particular cut was popular even a century ago.

What makes Cushion cut diamonds so admirable is their romantic appearance; no wonder it has been one of the best choices of people for so long. Let us take a look at what makes Cushion cut diamonds stand out from the rest in the market.

Unique design

The prime attraction of Cushion cut diamonds is their tender appearance. While other fancy type diamonds grab your attention only for a little while, Cushion cut diamonds keep your eyes stuck on them unless you intentionally move off.

In the views of experts at Beverly Diamonds, the prime factor that adds to the brilliant look of Cushion cut diamonds is their large facets and rounded corners. That is why this type of diamonds sparkles vividly. Looking at the large facets, one can easily figure out its clarity and thereby get closer to determining the quality and value of the diamond.

Match with micro pave and halo designs

Cushion cut diamonds are highly matching with halo and micro pave designs. Both of these designs are popular among fashion centric people these days. So, the demand for this type of diamonds has increased tremendously in recent years.

Some would rather call Cushion cut diamonds ‘Pillow cut diamonds.’ This is because modern Cushion cut is derived from an antique cut, featured with softened pillow shape, and square and round outline. According to experts at Beverly Diamonds, about one-third of the total orders they receive every year are for Cushion cut diamonds. This simply indicates how popular cushion cut diamonds are.

According to prominent gemologists, Cushion cut diamonds are a good choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and even other jewelries like studs, pendants, or earrings. Popular models of Cushion cut diamonds are Cullinan II, Hope Diamond, and Tiffany Yellow.

You can find Cushion cut diamonds on local outlets as well as reputed online diamond jewelry sellers. Beverly Diamonds stocks an extensive collection of such fancy cut diamonds, so that you can easily buy the one that matches with your needs the best.

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