What Makes Cushion Cut Diamonds An Appealing Choice

What is the first thing that attracts you when you look at a diamond? If you are familiar with diamonds, you will most probably try to evaluate the diamond cut. According to Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, the cut of a diamond is what determines its real beauty and value. Based on how it is cut, diamonds are classified into several groups. Cushion cut diamonds are certainly an excellent category among these.

Cushion Cut diamonds

According to gemologists at Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, the cushion cut diamonds are quite unique and therefore much demanded by all types of customers. They have inherent beauty and sport a sense of heritage. It is called by different names by both buyers and gemologists. In the opinion of Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, cushion cut diamonds are often termed as heirloom because of their inherent beauty.

A good number of people are attracted to this diamond. According to a recent analysis that examined the market trend of diamonds for a few centuries, cushion cut diamonds have been popular for centuries. They have never lost their charm or appeal to the diamond lovers. According to experts, one of the reasons why cushion cut diamonds are so popular is its projection in Hollywood movies. Watch a few Hollywood movies and you are certain to see the heroine sporting a cushion cut diamond on her ear ring or a wedding ring. Celebrities prefer them to other types of diamonds for their antique nature.

Transformation of the cushion cut diamonds

Despite its popularity and undying appeal to the masses, cushion cut diamonds have undergone many changes over time. If you have ever attempted to compare the ancient cushion cut diamonds with what you get in diamond shops, you would notice the transformation. According to the gemologists at Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, the most noticeable change found in the today’s cushion cut diamonds is their facet pattern. While the facet pattern of the antique cushion cut diamonds looked somewhat raw, the modern ones look refined. In fact, the modern cushion cut diamonds look more appealing than the ancient cushion cut diamonds. Furthermore, modern cushion cut diamonds are more romantic. No wonder why they are quite popular among buyers.

Cushion cut diamonds fit well on wedding rings, engagement rings and pendants. Make sure that you go to a few diamond sellers before buying your diamond jewelry. Online diamonds sellers like Beverly Diamonds boast a huge collection of cushion cut diamonds..

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Simulated Diamonds And Lab Created Diamonds – A General Comparison

In the opinion of experts at Beverly Diamonds, artificial diamonds are classified into different types like lab created diamonds and simulated diamonds. However, there are some sellers who opine that both types of diamonds are same. Perhaps, they may look similar in appearance or even in the quality but there are multiple differences between both types.

About Lab Created Diamonds and Simulated diamonds

If you examine a lab created diamond’s visual, physical and chemical aspects, you will see that is more or less like mined diamonds. Because it employs various technologies such as HPHT and CVD during its processing, experts call it lab created diamonds.

In terms of gemological properties, a simulated diamond is exactly the same as a created diamond. Simulated diamonds only resemble the diamond stones, but are of different materials. White sapphire and rhinestones are examples for simulated diamonds. Recently, a latest model of simulated diamond known as hybrid diamonds was introduced.

Diamond experts at Beverly Diamonds encourage customers to pay attention to properties of simulated diamonds before buying them. Although there are several features and properties that are quite similar in both types of diamonds (simulated diamonds and lab created diamonds), it is quite necessary that subject them for your close examination.

Simulated diamonds are often observed with lots of flaws. The best way to identify a simulated diamond from a lab created diamond is by checking hardness. According to experts at Beverly Diamonds, simulated diamonds are not as hard as created diamonds. Furthermore, simulated diamonds have external coating that fades in the course of time. A close examination will certainly reveal the coating or poor polishing.

Despite the aforementioned flaws with simulated diamonds, there are certain areas where they compete with pure diamonds. Some of the latest versions of simulated diamonds, for instance hybrid diamonds come very close to genuine diamonds in terms of fire and brilliance. There are two different reasons why some people prefer simulated diamonds to pure diamonds – the brilliance and the price. Latest models of simulated diamonds are as brilliant as or more brilliant than real diamonds. Besides that, they are quite cheaper than genuine diamonds.

If you are planning to buy a diamond for a lifetime, I would recommend you to buy a real diamond instead of going for a simulated diamond. If you still have any questions about diamonds, consider reading a couple of Beverly Diamonds reviews.

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When Buying A Beautiful Engagement Ring For Your Better Half

If you are planning to propose to your long time girlfriend, you need to buy an expensive diamond ring for the occasion, the best you can afford. Now, this is something we hear at the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk a lot; some people want the most beautiful stone in the shop, but just cannot afford to pay for it. So, the best way to go about for that is to start saving.

Remember that this engagement ring is going to mark a very important event in you and your girlfriend’s life. So, you must be willing to spend at least 2-3 month’s savings on the ring. For that amount, you are sure to find a beautiful stone at the Beverly Diamonds store. So, if you are planning to pop the question, you need to start saving a few months before.

Another important thing to get right is the size of the ring. This is something many buyers overlook. You just have to clandestinely obtain one of her rings, take it to the jewellers to get the exact size and then put it back without her noticing it is gone. Even if you get it wrong, there is no need to go to the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk. Just visit the shop and ask for the necessary modifications or a replacement for the ring in the correct size.

Get as much information as you can about her tastes and preferences. You need to find out what type of diamond she likes, the metal for the ring, the shape, the color, and so on. There are many other things as well, which you need to consider before buying a diamond ring for your fiancée.

For example, you need to do some research on diamonds and the available kinds, before you get started. If you look at the many queries received at the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk, it is clear that many buyers do not know much about diamonds, especially the 4 C’s –Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity – which are four basic parameters that determine the value of the stone you are purchasing.

A good quality diamond that scores high on all four of these parameters will be of high value and will therefore come with a more expensive price tag. So it is better to check all the aspects carefully beforehand. Also, you can contact experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, if you have any queries about the stone you are intending to purchase.

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About Cushion Cut Diamonds

No one would disagree that the ‘Cut’ is the most important factor that determines the quality of a diamond. Among the popular diamond cuts, the Cushion cut is currently in style. According to some Beverly Diamonds reviews, this particular cut was popular even a century ago.

What makes Cushion cut diamonds so admirable is their romantic appearance; no wonder it has been one of the best choices of people for so long. Let us take a look at what makes Cushion cut diamonds stand out from the rest in the market.

Unique design

The prime attraction of Cushion cut diamonds is their tender appearance. While other fancy type diamonds grab your attention only for a little while, Cushion cut diamonds keep your eyes stuck on them unless you intentionally move off.

In the views of experts at Beverly Diamonds, the prime factor that adds to the brilliant look of Cushion cut diamonds is their large facets and rounded corners. That is why this type of diamonds sparkles vividly. Looking at the large facets, one can easily figure out its clarity and thereby get closer to determining the quality and value of the diamond.

Match with micro pave and halo designs

Cushion cut diamonds are highly matching with halo and micro pave designs. Both of these designs are popular among fashion centric people these days. So, the demand for this type of diamonds has increased tremendously in recent years.

Some would rather call Cushion cut diamonds ‘Pillow cut diamonds.’ This is because modern Cushion cut is derived from an antique cut, featured with softened pillow shape, and square and round outline. According to experts at Beverly Diamonds, about one-third of the total orders they receive every year are for Cushion cut diamonds. This simply indicates how popular cushion cut diamonds are.

According to prominent gemologists, Cushion cut diamonds are a good choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and even other jewelries like studs, pendants, or earrings. Popular models of Cushion cut diamonds are Cullinan II, Hope Diamond, and Tiffany Yellow.

You can find Cushion cut diamonds on local outlets as well as reputed online diamond jewelry sellers. Beverly Diamonds stocks an extensive collection of such fancy cut diamonds, so that you can easily buy the one that matches with your needs the best.

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Know The Popular Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are available in a numerous colors. You can find them in your favorite colors such as blue, green, pink, orange, red, or yellow. Most of the popular diamond sellers, for instance Beverly Diamonds, have an exclusive collection of colored diamonds, and you can buy one from there easily. Here is a brief account of the most popular colored diamonds available in the market today.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are not the number one in terms of popularity, which is because they are the most expensive gemstones that only a few can afford. According to some surveys, only a very few people have even seen red diamonds in their pure color. This is because red diamonds often have a tint of pink or yellow in them.

Green diamonds

According to the consultants at Beverly Diamonds, green diamonds are quite popular and have been in demand for decades. Natural green diamonds are sure to add charm to your better half. However, it is very rare to find pure green colored diamonds. The diamonds get green color during its formative process, due to coming in frequent contact with the radiation. Furthermore, it is the second most expensive diamonds next to the exotic red diamonds.

Blue diamonds

Like green diamonds, blue diamonds are also rare to find, but have been a pride of royal families since the 18th century. In the opinion of experts at Beverly Diamonds, these diamonds get their blue color, along with the combination of the secondary hues of green, grey, and black, because of the presence of boron in it. Certain studies indicate that the presence of nitrogen also contributes to the blue color.

Yellow diamonds

In terms of popularity, yellow diamonds tops the chart. There are two reasons for the huge popularity of yellow diamonds; they look extremely pleasing, and have a sunny disposition. Yellow diamonds are dubbed canary diamonds. As per the experts at Beverly Diamonds, the presence of nitrogen gives the diamonds this yellow shade.

These are some of the most popular colored diamonds. Ask for the preferred color of your partner and surprise her by presenting her favorite colored diamond jewelry.

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The Different Types Of Colored Diamond

Diamonds are precious stones. The first image, which comes to mind when you think of them is of a colorless stone. This is evident from the numerous Beverly Diamonds reviews you see online. But did you know that there are many colored diamonds available in the market as well, and that these can be used in jewelry?

There is more than the conventional spectrum of colors to such diamonds; pink, blue, red, green, yellow – you name it. Fancy color diamonds have a market of their persona, and are owned for a markedly different look from their colorless counterparts.

It is hard enough to find good colorless diamonds, and this is why people value them. Most Beverly Diamonds reviews extol the jeweler for making the best stones available to avid buyers. However, it is even harder acquiring colored diamonds. Here is a look at some of the types that you can lay your hands on.

Red Diamonds

These are famous for being the rarest type of gem in the world. There is the least chance of getting one of these in the pure form though. Purple and brown are the most common hues found in these stones.

Green Diamonds

Diamonds of green color get the chromatic property from being exposed to radiation during formation. It is hard to find these diamonds without a secondary hue, and they are the most exotic stones in the world, right after natural red diamonds.

Pink Diamonds

These diamonds get their color from the shift in crystal structure when they are formed. You also get other hues besides the pink, including red, orange and purple. Getting a fully pink diamond is a rare prospect.

Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds get their characteristic orange color from the particular alignment of carbon atoms in the stone, added together with the presence of nitrogen. There are other hues to be found in most diamonds of this type, such as red and yellow.

Yellow Diamonds

These are widely appreciated for their ‘warm’ and ‘sunny’ hue. And they are understandably called ‘canary diamonds’. There is a seven-step gauge for the color intensity of these diamonds, ranging from fair to deep. Presence of nitrogen is what imparts these diamonds with the color they give off.

Buying diamonds can be a hassle unless you know where to look for them. This is where online diamond jewelers like Beverly Diamonds can help. Read a few Beverly Diamonds reviews, and you will be set to buy some of the best diamonds online. And expect all Beverly Diamonds reviews you see to be brimming over with praise, because that’s how they serve their customers.

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Best Diamond Cuts And Shapes

There are many different varieties and shapes of diamonds, which make the process of choosing the perfect one quite baffling. Therefore, here are some of the most desirable shapes explained by experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, which would help you settle on the most suitable one for your needs.

Asscher Cut

These are also called as the square Emerald cuts and have cropped corners. The cuts and corners offer an octagonal appearance. When you try to look into the Asscher Cut diamond, you will be looking into the entirety of the stone, as it has a bright and open appearance.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut diamonds boasts of high transparency. This diamond has great aesthetic appeal and clarity. It is sure that others will be green with envy when they see you wearing an Emerald diamond studded jewelry.

Cushion Cut

This is a combination of the traditional style and the new style diamonds. Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints section explain that this is a hybrid form of the Mine cut that was very much popular around a century ago, and the modern Oval cut.

Marquise Cut

This type of diamonds has an elongated, round cut, making the stone look like an eye. If you look hard into it, you may feel as if the stone is blinking at you. According to Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, the distinctive shape of the stone is designed to cut out the natural inclusions. This shape also maximizes the appearance of the stone.

Pear Shape

This shape of diamond offers exceptional performance and has 58 facets. This diamond will make you the center of attraction owing to its unique shape and brilliance. As per the Beverly Diamonds complaints unit, this type of diamonds is one of the most sold shapes at present.

Oval Cut

If you are planning to have a stone that looks like a round diamond, then you can go for the Oval cut diamond. This is the perfect diamond for anyone who likes scenic view.

Radiant Cut

A blend of square and round, this is a fusion of the Emerald cut and the traditional Round Brilliant cut. This diamond was made to make an unconventional shape while retaining the properties of its parent cuts.

These are some of the best diamond cuts. Now you have a brief idea on the available diamond cuts; choose the one that suits you the best.

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Diamond Rings, And How To Pick Them

People would argue there are a few things as good looking as a fine gem, and they wouldn’t be far wrong. What pulls us towards precious stones, what even makes us consider them as precious in the first place, is the way these stones catch the eye.

Gems channel light in a way that’s hard not to look at. This is one reason people like wearing them as jewelry. And that of course means first cutting them down to size and style. The best jewelers, such as Beverly Diamonds, do a marvelous job with that. This is one main reason you don’t hear any Beverly Diamonds complaints on that regard.

Diamond rings are an integral part of proposing your woman; every man eventually winds up searching for the perfect ring to fit his better half. The piece is supposed to signify how much you love her, and so most of us try to make it just that little bit bigger, and more expensive. But the latter need not be the case with a beautiful diamond, even though most stones these days can put a hole in your pocket.

There are many things you need to consider before buying a stone, but the gist of these is comprised in four factors, which diamond jewelers like to call the four C’s. These are the Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color. These are some of the primary things the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell inquires about to find out if you are satisfied with your purchase. After that come the qualities of personal preference.

These have to do mostly with how the item fits and suits the person it is intended for. The ring size, for example, is an important aspect. Trace along the inside of a ring she is comfortable wearing onto a piece of paper. That will get you set as far as the ring size goes.

Beverly Diamonds offer some of the finest diamond jewelry you will find online, and at very affordable prices. The Beverly Diamonds complaints cell gets a lot of positive feedback from customers after they have received their orders. Most of the reviews about them online are filled to the brim with praise.

The strict quality control standards this jeweler adheres to, is evidenced by the diligent follow up the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell performs after each purchase. It is reassuring to know that despite providing some of the best jewelry in the online market, they still take the pains to ensure satisfactory service.

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Selecting The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Better Half

Nothing says “I Love You” more loudly than a beautiful diamond ring. Not only does the prized possession look good, it portrays true commitment, an essential requirement for a successful marriage. However, there are many different types of diamond rings out there, and selecting the best one that suits your needs and fits your budget is always the difficult part.

Selecting the best stone

When it comes to diamonds, it’s the 4 C’s that determine the characteristics of the diamond. The 4 C’s stand for Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Understanding these terms and what it signifies are important for selecting a diamond that would be worth the money spent. Diamond jewelry experts always mention the significance of these characteristics when purchasing diamond jewelry.

Among the 4 C’s, the most important quality of a diamond is the Cut. Raw diamonds are called ‘uncut’ diamonds and these are shaped in a particular manner such that the brilliance and the sparkle are brought to the gem. A finely cut small diamond would look significantly better and even bigger than a higher carat but poorly cut diamonds.

When you are purchasing from Beverly Diamonds jewelry store, you can be sure that every diamond is properly cut and sparkles in every lighting condition. If you look at Beverly Diamonds reviews by previous buyers, you would come across many people who are impressed by the brilliant cut of diamonds they offer.

Of course, there are many articles strewn across the internet that explain different colors of diamond and its ‘significance’. However, the truth is, most diamonds have a tinge of yellow and the lesser the tinge, the more valuable they are. Sure, there are rare diamond colors like blue and red, but these diamonds are only available at auctions and go on sale for millions of dollars. If you look through some expert Beverly Diamonds reviews, rarely do you come across any mention of colored diamond rings.

While Carat signifies the size of the diamond, the Clarity is another important factor. The clarity of a particular diamond determines if the gem has any blemishes or imperfections. The imperfections in the diamond affect the sparkle as well. The higher the Clarity of the diamond, the more brilliant would be the sparkle. If you look through the Beverly Diamonds reviews online, you would see that most buyers attest to the fact that Beverly Diamonds use the best and the highly rated diamonds only.

When it comes to shape and size, do not search for meaning and what it signifies and instead look into the aesthetics. Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts highlight that there are many different diamond shapes, from emerald, pear and oval to round and even square. So, consider consulting with some gemologist or expert when purchasing from diamond jewelry. It would of course ease the selection process and help you select the best stone.

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Some Of The Best Diamond Cuts

It can be surprising how many people disregard the cut of the diamonds they buy. However, this the easier aspect to understand among the 4 C’s, as is evident from the Beverly Diamonds reviews you see online. It wouldn’t take much to familiarize yourself with the top ten cuts before you go shopping for a diamond.


This is one of these ageless classics, which have not gone out of fashion ever. Among the fancy diamond cuts, this one still holds major appeal, and an appreciable level of class and originality. The distinguishing feature of this cut gives the diamond a tapered and elongated appearance. Wearing a studded gem of this cut on your finger can give it a more slender look.


The round cut is the most common one you will see, and is found on rings and pendants featured in most Beverly Diamonds reviews. The main advantage of this cut is that it reflects the most light owing to the proper reflection of light. There is something called the brilliant round cut, which means the diamond has 58 facets, so imagine the collective light coming out of such a stone.


The Princess cut has been around since the 1980’s, and is regarded the most fancy shape you will get in a diamond. This too is featured in many of the best Beverly Diamonds reviews. This style allows for much more flexibility when working the stone into the ring.


Oval is another popular choice of diamond cut. This is of the brilliant cut variety, and results in light coming out of the stone in flashes of color. The marked advantage this cut offers over, say, a more elongated shape, is that the stone looks decidedly bigger in this setting. People have different preferences about how narrow they want this, anywhere from 1.35 to 1.50 on the length to width ratio scale. If you have side stones to go along, then a thinner cut would actually look better. Many Beverly Diamonds reviews feature stones of this particular cut.

Among the other popular diamond cuts, you have the Pear Shaped cut, Emerald, Asscher, Radiant, and Heart Shaped, and the Cushion cut. These are the most commonly seen shapes in jewelry diamonds. Make sure to know more about each before you set out to buy a diamond-studded ornament the next time.

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